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Supported in Grand of 2011, BloomNation is a trusted local mart for people to list, distinguish and send singular nosegays handcrafted by community florists athwart the land If you’re looking the traditional twelve roses or a one-of-a-kind designing BloomNation allows to you discover and send the perfect give With our epical client servicing and growth local of florists, BloomNation is the easiest and most true path for ordering blossoms on-line.


Farbod Shoraka – Co-Founder, Chieftain Chairman of the board Policeman – Farbod pushes BloomNation’s eye plan and maturation An economics postgraduate from Lincoln of California, Berkeley, Farbod has always had a passion for understanding patronage representations creating solves for the better estimable Former to BloomNation, Farbod was an analyst in Mergers & Gettings and corporate plan Farbod’s favourite efflorescence is the Casablanca Lily. Gregg Weisstein – Co-Founder, Chieftain Operational Policeman – With thousands of both florists and their results in the mart Gregg is responsible retention BloomNation a well-oiled car A Business Economics and Accounting postgraduate from Lincoln of California, Santa Barbara, Gregg has consulted for marketplace leaderships and wholesalers for the bulk of his professional vocation Gregg’s favourite blossoms are orchids.

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